Dearborn Capital Group is a New York City-based real estate private equity and asset management firm that targets institutional real estate equity and debt investment opportunities.

The Company strategy is to acquire properties that demonstrate attractive value-creation potential and generate outsized total returns to investors. Our commitment and fundamental value is to preserve and maintain long-term investor capital.

Capitalizing on our vertically integrated platform, our selective process involves a comprehensive investment analysis and a detailed market assessment enabling an intelligent deployment stream of capital.

Oren T. Richland | Managing Principal

1345 Avenue of the Americas, 33rd Floor

New York, NY 10105


Who We are

Dearborn Capital Group has decades of real estate investment experience. With a strategic investment focus, Dearborn has realized over a billion dollars worth of investment.


Credit Tenancy

Dearborn Capital Group maintains strong relationships with its tenancy by being responsive and providing the best-in-class space. With a long history of tenant attraction and retention across our portfolio, investors and tenants alike have enjoyed the sense of fiduciary responsibility Dearborn has to all its stakeholders.


Institutional Ownership

To date, Dearborn Capital Group has realized over one billion dollars in investments generating outsized returns for investors. By maintaining strict investment standards and consistently turning opportunities into profitable realities, Dearborn has grown into a world-class real estate asset management firm.


Forward-Thinking Management

By keeping an eye on developing trends in the real estate market, Dearborn Capital Group has been able to quickly adapt to changes while limiting its downside exposure. Our thoughtful approach to technology, hospitality and service has kept us ahead of the curve.

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